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T H E  B A S S E T  H A T

How to: "Turbular cast on"

How to: "Pick up stitches on the square"

How to: "Sew down the edge"

How to: "Pick up stitches for button band"

A H S O K A   S L I P O V E R

How to: "Judy's magic cast on"

How to: "Assemble the back piece"

How to: "Start the front pieces"

How to: "Assemle the front and back pieces"

How to: "Wrong side CDI"

How to: "Right side CDI"

S H A R P E I   S W E A T E R 

How to: "Make the pleated structure"

How to: "Graft the sleeves onto body"

P I  &  M E Y    C A M I S O L E

How to: "Attaching Italian cast-on for the neckline"

D E L T A    S W E A T E R 

How to: "Establish split with KFB"

N E X I   V E S T 

How to: "pick up stitches on i-cord"

How to: "Sew down the edge"

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