Thank you so much for your interest in test knitting for Créadia Studio! 

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the process.

Below is a form you can fill out if you would like to apply in general for any future designs. 


"What does it mean to be a testknitter?"

You will have a chance to make the garment before the design is released. You are testing the design to make sure the garment fits as intended and that the pattern is written clearly.

"What does the due date mean?"

The garment must be finished by the date specified on form, along with the tester feedback. Launch day will often be a week or two following, to allow time for you and me to prepare for launch day.

"I want to change an element to the design, such as the ribbing. Can I do that?

Generally I do not mind minor changes but the alteration must be accepted by me prior to making the change, preferably in a personal message - not in the group chat.

"Is yarn included in the testknit?" 

In most cases, the yarn is NOT included.

Sometimes I can arrange for fully sponsored yarn for certain designs - but unfortunately only for a few selected testers. To qualify I usually take into consideration what size you are interested in knitting - larger sizes are definitely more eligible since they require more time to knit and are difficult to find testers for. Besides that I look at the style of your pictures and the amount of engagement you have shown in the designs. 

In some cases I can offer a yarn discount code, and I am also always open to experimenting with other types of yarn than the one in the test pattern. 

"What do you look for in a testknitter?"

Someone who has shown engagement with the design and is motivated. It is also a big plus to have a public Instagram profile with clear and good quality photos, and being active on social media. 

"Why is feedback from the test so important?"

Feedback is extremely important for a garment to be successful. I usually create a tester survey form to be completed by the due date of test. Feedback is also encouraged in the group chat. 

"How do I sign up and what happens afterwards?"

Fill out the form below. When a design needs testing in the future, I will send out a specific form to submit for said design or contact you directly via social media.

The form will only be used for testing purposes and I promise no spam! :-)

"Is there a deadline?"

Depending on the project size I typically allow a testing period to last 4-10weeks from the date you recieve your yarn and pattern for the project, but the test periods are always flexible.  

"What is a group chat?"

A chat is created with the group members testing the current design. We chat about the test, the yarn you are using (and color)!, and all the fun things knitters can connect and talk about while we knit the same design together and face the same challenges and joys!

"How do I know if I get chosen?"

Testers will be contacted via e-mail or social media. Once chosen, you will receive a link containing the pattern and some general info. The group chat is then created with the members testing the design, and then we are good to go! 


Fill out the form below to apply for any future testknits for CRÈADIA STUDIO

note: testers are prioritized by the following

- quality pictures and previous work

-level of engagement

-excitement and motivation

Please read the FAQ above this form if needed 

2-3 mm
3.5-4.5 mm
5-7 mm
8-10 mm
10 mm+
Fine knits
Chunky knits
Oversized sweaters
Summer knits
Cables and lace knits
Baby / Childrens knits